How to Maintain Your Crazy Curls..?!?!?

How to Maintain Your Crazy Curls..!

I have extremely natural curly hair myself. When I was younger my Aunt would always tell me my hair had a mind of its own. So I know what a pain it can be to keep them under control. I am to give you some of my own personal tips on maintaining your crazy curls.

First you’re going to have to take a shower and wash your hair. When shampooing get enough shampoo to make your head a whole sponge of bubbles. Rise that out thoroughly…

Next get conditioner. Enough to run through all your hair…leave that in for about 1~2 minutes. The conditioner will soften your hair and keep the frizz down!

While you wait for the conditioner to soak in, I usually scrub my body, shave, or wash my face… (Multitasking, yeah!)

Okay, now you can rinse out your hair…IMG_0053

Now that you’re out of the shower, brush out your hair! (Notice how soft it is from the conditioner?)

After it’s all brushed out add some mousse or gel, which ever you use in your hair. I use Suavé’s Captivating Curls Whipped Cream Mousse. It’s really soft and doesn’t leave that crusty stuff in your hair. Use as much product as needed in your hair.

After you have added mousse or gel, twist them into two pigtails while its damp (you can do more twists if your hair is thicker and longer. Or you can twist it into IMG_0060a ponytail if you have short hair) this will help shape the curls.

When your hair dries take out the pigtails and shake them loose a little to give it a natural look. If you want to you can add a bit of Moroccan Oil to smooth down the flyaways. You’re done!!! Style your hair however you wish after this!

I hope this works for you like it does for me!

Before                                               After


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