Neutral Eyemakeup

Neutral Eyemakeup

This is a casual eye makeup tutorial for everyday wear! I’m using my BH cosmetics 120 palletcolor palette, I got this off Amazon for $23.00! The brushes I’m using are by Sephora  + Pantone Universe I got these as a gift and I’m not  100% sure the price, but I know they weren’t cheap. Before I did this tutorial I had already done my foundation routine and primed my eyes. 🙂

  1. First apply your highlight color to your inner eye.  All you do is take your lightest highlight colorshadow (I Use an off white, which has a tad bit of shimmer)  I put a little bit of color on my finger and dab it in the very corner highlightof my eye. (Hence, highlighting the inner corner of the eye.) This will really make your eye pop! Take the same light eye shadow and dab it on your browbone, concentrating on stroking color outward towards your ear.
  2.  Take the champagne color, and apply it to your lid.Champange color
  3.  Apply the shimmery rusty color to your crease. And blend!


4. Then mix the matte brown and the shimmery burgundy colors and apply them to the outer corners of your eye. Blend!matte & shimmer




5.Apply your own eyeliner and mascara to the upper and lower lash lines, the brand of my eyeliner is NYC I got it at Wal-Mart for around  $2.00. My Mascara is, BareMinerals “The Best of Flawless Definition Mascara.” This was also a gift and I’m unsure the price. It comes in a pack of three, and I layer all three of the mascaras. Mascara

Wah-La! You’re done!




Finnished product

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