“Beware” of the “Minted” Tribal nails

Beware of the Minted tribal nails

Nail polish colorsFor this look I used 2 colors , “Beware” By: Pure Ice, and “Minted” By: REVLON! These happen to be my 2 favorite colors that I have ever bought! Especially “Beware” I keep buying that one, I’ve emptied out 2 bottles! Everything I use in this tutorial is from Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store. so I assume you’ll be able to find tNail Penhese products at any drug store near you!  I also used an orange nail art pen, by: Sally Hansen.





Step 1First I took all my nail tools and prepared my nails to be painted. I’m talking, soaked, filed, clipped, and buffed! I got my nail buffer at the dollar store guys! it has 7 sides, and actually works great!






Step 2

Second I painted all my fingers the mint color, except my ring finger. I left that one out and painted it glittery! because that’s what’s in style and I like it..






FinishedThe tribal designs I made are really simple, half because im not coordinated enough to do anything complicated, and half because…. well, I’m just not coordinated enough there is no other half. Anyway! I started with the outer “bigger” triangle first, (The hollow one that your going to put the little triangle in) Finnished!then I made a little triangle on the inside and filled it in. I did that on each side of my nail, x4! It’s pretty self-explanatory just by looking at the picture. The pinky I was experimenting with and it turned out half decent! If you like this look try it out and send me pictures!! I hope yours looks better than mine!

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Have a great day!! ❤ Jessica

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