Nails and Accessory

Color Craze Nail Polish~ Absolute

Absolute is a stunning neon pink that would be great in any nail polish collection! Wearing this color with black would look amazing, making the neon jump out and become more vibrant.  Color Craze nail polishes can be found at the Dollar Tree. Super inexpensive and comes in fun unique colors!3.JPG

Turtle Ring

Imagine wearing this cute turtle on your finger, think of all the “Ooo’s! and Ahh’s!” you would get! I found this turtle ring at Claire’s for $16..expensive, but totally worth it! Flashy jewelry looks great with bright colored nail polish and shows a fun crazy side to you!


About missmeganelaine

Hey I'm Megan Elaine! I came up with the idea for this blog and got some of my friends to help me with it! I'm 16 years old from U.S.A, my favorite hobby is photography, I love fashion and beauty, some day I hope to be really successful! Please Follow our blog and don't be afraid to send in your own tips to our e-mail~
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1 Response to Nails and Accessory

  1. Naomi says:

    Oh that ring is amazing!!!

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