Veggie Mushroom burger; 269 cal – 1 serving


Morningstar, spicy black bean burger  ( Any veggie burger)

1 tomato

1cup raw sliced mushrooms

1/3 of a yellow onion

2 cloves of garlic (1tsp)

1/4 cup of low moisture mozzarella cheese

canola oil cooking spray (Or 3tsp of olive oil)

avocados (not counted into calories) optional

Makes 1 serving 269 calories

1. First pull out a frying pan and sVeggiespray it with your canola oil (or olive oil) , chop up your onion, mushrooms and garlic, throw it all into the frying pan, add 1/4 cup of water. cook on low heat. Stir with spachela untill golden brown or carmalized.

2. Next put your Veggie Patty on another frying pan and cook on medium heat.Veggie burger








Cheesy3. after the patty and vegetables are cooked put the patties on a baking pan covered with tin foil, and top them with your cooked veggies and mozzarella cheese, put it in the oven and broil untill cheese is melted.

4. top with your tomatoes, avocados, salt pepper, and enjoy (:





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