Is Your Hair Working For You?

Did you know that 74% of men notice women for their hair more than any other part of their body? This makes you think; “Oh my gosh! Am I taking care of it right? Does it look okay?” Well, here are some tips and tricks to get your hair to work for YOU!

Here are a few rules about hair:

1. Not everyone looks good in the same hair cut. It depends a lot on the shape of your face!

2. Not everyone looks good with the same hair color! This depends on your skin color!

3. Not all hair will work the same with hair products. If you’re using a hair product that is making your hair oily, dry, limp, or frizzy then it’s probably not working. Hair is like skin not everyone has the same type and you need to find a product that works for YOU, not your next door neighbor with 20 cats.

I did some research and found haircuts that look good on people with ROUND FACES:

Bob’s and bang’s seem to look really nice on people with round faces and can make your face seem a bit more oval!

1c0c0_hair-hairstyle-for-round-face-2011-7-217x300 hairstyles-for-round-faces-03 hairstyles-for-round-faces-07


Long_Hairstyle_For_Oval_Face_24Premiere Of Warner Bros. "The Book Of Eli" - Arrivals  Alexandra Von Furstenberg Unveils Modern Furniture Collection


square     square


Benefit Reading Of "110 Stories" By Sarah Tuft ReeseWitherspoon_heartShape_Bangs

There are so many different face shapes!! Here’s a chart to help you.


As for hair colors so I found this website that explains it pretty nicely! Enjoy!

Hair Color Tips

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