Daily Blog Post; Day 8; Monday, January 14th, 2013

Chocolate Bars and Truffles, OH MY!

Congrats to me! I survived week 1, easy as pie! Today at school we went on a field trip to Salt Lake City (State capital in Utah) so for lunch I bought a foot long at Subway, and split it in half with my friend, so technically I had a 6 inch sub. so I was distracted all day and had basically no appetite. But when I got home there was a little temptation… okay ALOT of temptation, and I’m really mad that I fell for it, it just puts me one more step behind. Today my mom got 500 lbs worth of CHOCOLATE BARS in the mail.. 500LBS!!!!imagesCAOV4LLN I know what your thinking, “What would anyone do with 500lbs of chocolate bars and Carmel filled truffles…?!?!?!?” Well, it’s for my moms work, the people she works for sent her the chocolate bars, she does fundraising for schools, and the chocolate is for like samples sort of.. I can’t really explain Vampire Diariesit.. and of course they had to give a box to our family, so we have 70-80 candy bars available to eat whenever. yesterday my whole family was downstairs eating chocolate and chicken tacos and watching movies.. so I locked myself in my room and skipped dinner of any sort and didn’t come out, instead I typed on my computer and did homework for hours. But later that night I went downstairs to get a drink and I ate a chocolate bar and 2 truffles!! I know that’s hardly self-control, but before I ate anymore I ran upstairs and distracted myself with Vampire Diaries untill I fell asleep. homework, school, and the series, “Make it or Break it,” and “Vampire Diaries,” literally saving my life, by distracting me from food.

Todays Tip!

1. Find a distraction, something that will pull you away from the thought of food. Weather it be, Work, School, a TV show, Working out, Making plans with your friends to do something or go somewhere, or just going on a scenic drive up the mountains. (I do that a lot during the summer.)

What I ate today…?

Clearly I didn’t eat very great today…. but I guess I didn’t eat a lot….

Day 8

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