Day 23: 20 facts about yourself

1. I’m a little boy crazy!
2. My phone is my only friend(Forever alone)
3. I have anger issues
4. I don’t work well with others
5. I think I’m the funniest person in the world.
6. I can be very outgoing, but I’m also very shy.
7. I have 13 siblings. My sister Sophie and I are the only girls.
8. My only true living friend is my cousin Jessica.
9. I’m a goofy person
10. I’m a flirt
11. My biggest pet peeve is when people lie.
12. If my phone is dead, I feel dead.
13. When it comes to peer pressure, it’s easy for me to say no.
14. I’m really stubborn.
15. My laziness over powers anything.
16. When I’m upset, I like to be alone.
17. My favorite color is red.
18. My favorite basketball team is the L.A Clippers
19. I like to sleep and text all day.
20. I want to go to beauty school, I love doing hair and makeup.
Hope you guys learned a little bit more about me! comment a question if you want to know more! ~Casey

About missmeganelaine

Hey I'm Megan Elaine! I came up with the idea for this blog and got some of my friends to help me with it! I'm 16 years old from U.S.A, my favorite hobby is photography, I love fashion and beauty, some day I hope to be really successful! Please Follow our blog and don't be afraid to send in your own tips to our e-mail~
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