New to the Closet!

Like yesterday I mentioned that I would post what I got on my shopping trip yesterday! So here it is! ~Megan


Navy Blue Dress with old fashion bicycle print and emerald-green belt- $34.00 at Maurices










Navy Blue Jacket- $26.00 Maurices











Camel colored leather jacket $20.00 from Papaya

These jackets are super amazing! They keep you really warm and block the wind. Perfect for winter or any cold weather!









Minty Lace


I don’t actually own the shoes. I just found some online that I thought would look cute with the dress. The shoes are Women’s Classic Dress Oxfords. The dress was $39.00 at Maurices.








This blazer was at Gap for $88.00. I got it 50% off though, because they were shutting down that store. 😦











This striped dress was also at Maurices for $34.00.










I got these rose colored sweats at Old Navy for $15 and the jacket is exactly the same as the Camel colored one except it’s black!

About missmeganelaine

Hey I'm Megan Elaine! I came up with the idea for this blog and got some of my friends to help me with it! I'm 16 years old from U.S.A, my favorite hobby is photography, I love fashion and beauty, some day I hope to be really successful! Please Follow our blog and don't be afraid to send in your own tips to our e-mail~
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2 Responses to New to the Closet!

  1. caroline1t says:

    These are awesome finds!!!!! So great.

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