How To Properly Care For Your Eyebrows

Oh the eyebrow! Not very many people pay attention to it, which is sad because it is such an necessary facial part! The eyebrow defines the face and adds expression, don’t ignore it! The eyebrow frames your eyes and brightens your face. When properly shaped they can soften your facial features and make them look more pleasing!

Please read below for a bit more information!

Size: Girls, just because you have thick eyebrows does not mean they’re bushy and ugly. Some faces look good with heavy eyebrows. It can add more to your complexion! Here is an example: Lily Collins. She is my favorite example because her eyebrows are so thick and dark, yet she looks beautiful! Her eyebrows frame her eyes nicely and make them look more dramatic. The size fills in her face making it look fuller!


 Shaping: The most important and common thing about eyebrows is waxing and shaping! It’s not hard and takes only a few minutes, you can get it done at your barber shop or have a specialist do it! Shaping the eyebrow is what makes your look. Next time you’re walking down the street take note to the women around you…I promise you will be wowed by the complete difference in women who shape their eyebrows and those who don’t.


Coloring: If you have light eyebrows it will probably be best if you darken them a bit, it’s important that your eyebrows are visible from a distance or you might look a little funny! You can use an eyebrow pencil to darken or eyeshadow. Make sure you pencil in lightly and in little strokes! We don’t want it to look like you colored on your face with a marker…After you’re done darkening take a eyebrow brush and brush them out! Beautiful.


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4 Responses to How To Properly Care For Your Eyebrows

  1. caroline1t says:

    Eyebrows are SO important!!! I love the pictures without the brows, they look so funny and odd!

  2. Gerda Vernon says:

    i’ve read this before, but still interesting.

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