Waterproof Mascara

My mascara has been getting drier and drier everyday, so I  reached out to the world of makeup and it gave me Neutrogenas Waterproof Mascara! This adds volume to your lashes and doesn’t clump together when it’s wet, it stays as the way put on! I’ve only worn it once but I was impressed with the results! The color is Black-Brown, I really like this color because it doesn’t look like I stuck fake black eyelashes on, but it’s not too light of a brown either it’s nice and in between! This mascara has saved my life so many times…like recently Jessica was messing around with her water bottle and ended up squirting me right in the face!! In the middle of school! Luckily I had my waterproof mascara on so no damage was done and I still looked great..besides the water on my clothes. 😉 I got this mascara at Walmart for $8. 7

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Hey I'm Megan Elaine! I came up with the idea for this blog and got some of my friends to help me with it! I'm 16 years old from U.S.A, my favorite hobby is photography, I love fashion and beauty, some day I hope to be really successful! Please Follow our blog and don't be afraid to send in your own tips to our e-mail~ alwaysontherunway@gmail.com
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