Day 23: 20 facts about yourself

IMG_12081. I’m a perfectionist

2. Love my little brother and sister

3. I get along with everyone

4. HATE drama and fighting (especially high school drama, waste of time and energy)

5. I love dumb humor ( especially in movies, like the movies, “Happy Gilmore” “Billy Madison  “Dumb and Dumber”) and I love romantic comedies especially, “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock

6. Favorite color is pink

7. Love! Hair, Makeup, Clothes, nails everything girly!

8. I have an addiction to the shows, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, One Tree Hill, and The Carrie Diaries

9. Love Basketball and football, Favorite Basketball teams: Utah Jazz, and Phoenix Suns! Favorite Football team: Philadelphia Eagles (Even though I hate Michael Vick because he’s a selfish Barbie who sucks at football…. Just saying)

10. I’ve only had 2 crushes in my lifetime (not including movie stars and singers)

11. Least favorite subjects, English and History. Favorite, Math (depending on the teacher), Science/astronomy, Art, and Music Production

12. I love art, especially drawing

13. My cousins are my best friends!

14. I hate living in UTAH! The first thing I’m doing when I turn 18 is heading out to California or Phoenix Arizona with Casey Baugh 🙂

15. I am not Mormon I am christian (Oddly enough the two most questions I get asked are,  “Where do you live?” so I say.. Utah.. then the next question that follows is “Are you Mormon?” It’s almost like standard issue when you leave the state.. )

16. Favorite place in the world Disneyland CA

17. I am 16 years old, my birthday is July 9th

18. I’m really funny, possibly the funniest person ever.. especially when me and Casey are together. we make each other laugh so hard that we pee our pants.. It’s a problem. I love making people laugh

19. I want to be an entrepreneur, I want to be successful

20. I’m terrified to get old….

As always ❤ Jessica


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3 Responses to Day 23: 20 facts about yourself

  1. free stream says:

    haha nice, real nice

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