Health Tips and Tricks!

Some of the things that I’ve found that work 🙂

sunflower seeds1. I eat sunflower seeds, here’s the reason. This isn’t the bag of pre-opened/cracked sunflower seeds, no. the ones you have to crack open with your mouth and get the little seed out. Why, you ask? it keeps you busy. it has almost the same thing as potato chips. Most of the time you’re not eating potato chips because you’re hungry you’re eating them because you’re bored. I always have a bag of sunflower seeds with me. It keeps my mouth busy, and it’s extreamly low in calories. I eat them when I’m bored and I’m thinking about going downstairs and grabbing a bag of chips. I don’t get the pre-cracked seeds because that’s something you can take handfuls of and throw them in your mouth. make sense? They’re meant to distract you from eating something else when you’re not really hungry, not to make you feel full.

2. I have a gym in my basement, buttt I’m not motivated enough to get on a treadmill and stare at a wall for an hour. I could run outside but, I live in Utah where there’s still 2 feet of snow on the ground. I found that I enjoy working out at a gym doing a class! I enjoy it A LOT! So if you’re able to I would get a gym pass, and have a few of your friends get one too. Its like a support system. If I don’t want to go my friend picks me up anyways. I’m always on a good mood when I get home from the gym. My friends are really supportive. Its way more fun when I have people I like being around working out with me!

3. When you tell yourself you cant have something, you just ant it more. Correct? Lets say your families having a huge pasta dinner with cake afterwards. So you pull up to your 100th boring same salad and then you go into caveman mode and hide in your room until Woman-Running-on-Beachall the food you “Cant” have is put away. You don’t have to do that! You can eat pasta and cake as long as you eat SMALL proportions. You don’t have to have a HUGE plate of pasta and top it off with a big piece of cake. It’s all about self control and proportion control. All week I haven’t had one salad, I’ve been eating what ever sounds good WHEN I’m hungry. and I still lost 4lbs. But its not as easy as it sounds. I was still working out every night, and my proportions were way small. No, I didn’t eat small proportions of cake and ice cream every night. Yes, I did have ice cream once, it was a small bowl and I dint tell myself that I couldn’t have it therefore I didn’t over indulge. We all know what weight watchers is, Correct? Or any type of  dieting program. on the commercials they say, “You can have pasta dinners and desserts, WHILE YOU’RE STILL LOOSING WEIGHT!?!” It’s no scam. every thing they give you is small proportions.  Their’s your answer, small proportions  eat till your satisfied, and you should have some sort of workout planned.

4. One more thing to help with small proportions. When you serve your food use small plates and bowls. If you serve your self cereal in a HUGE bowl then are you going to fill the bowl? Yes, No, Maybe so? I usually do. Use a smaller bowl which fits less. Or smaller plates.

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