SlimKicker GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello friends!

Today I have some exciting news! We are doing our first giveaway sponsored by, Slimkicker! Slimkicker is a health/fitness online app that takes your health goals and turns them into a level-up game. You upload a picture of something you’ll reward yourself such as a new DVD, and when you each a certain number of points, we’ll remind you to reward yourself with that.

I singed up for their website a few days ago to check it out and see if its worth promoting to you guys! It’s definitely a great website that I think you’ll LOVE! Go check it out and see for yourself! SlimKicker web link

What do you win?

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

This blender got really good ratings on amazon, I’m not 100% positive of how well it works being as I’ve never tried it. But it did get good ratings a41j4AlL0VpL__SY300_nd it looks really nice! If you can win it for free! What the heck go for it!

Slimkicker does something really cool on there website, they have a tab that says CHALLENGES and basically when yochallengesu click on it, it lists a whole bunch of challenges! Technically you would click, “Join Challenge” then you check in everyday, when you accomplish your challenge you get points! You can use your points as a goal tracker, so when you reach 2,000 or so  you can reward yourself with a salon day. Or new clothes, or  a new car etc. some examples of challenges are..  “doing 20 push ups a day for 1 week”, or “squatting during commercials”

screen shot


Slimkicker wants some new, and fresh challenge ideas. That’s what you’ll be doing to win! Come up with the best challenge you could possibly think of! Make them unique, they don’t have to be 100% diet related. Here are some of the categories/filters that they have on their website.


1. Come up with the best challenge you can think of

2. Like our Facebook page

3. Comment your challenge on this post! along with your name and E-mail address

4. I’ll announce the winner around the end of next week! Slimkicker will e-mail you for your shipping information!

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15 Responses to SlimKicker GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Jennie Laren says:

    My challenge is to walk/light jog at LEAST 14 miles a week! BRING IT!

  2. Cherry says:

    My name is Cherry – just found this giveaway thru slimkicker. My giveaway idea is to mindfully eat my meals rather than watching TV or thinking of work or other stuff. I hear it’s good for digestion.

    Email: cherry.hamels gmail com

  3. Willow says:

    Submitted this before, but I still think it’s a great idea:
    Do 1 push-up or squat for every gram of sugar you eat over your daily limit. That or a “No grains for a week” challenge — both would help reduce unnecessary carbs and sugar in the diet!

  4. rabia newton says:

    Train for a marathon!

    Rabia Newton

  5. Esther Browning says:

    Hold the splits for 2 minutes straight every day for 15 days

    Esther Browning

  6. Ashley Flaker says:

    Do something actively different everyday for 2 weeks
    wheather it be, going on a bike ride, Zumba, running, walking, hula hooping etc.

    Ashley Flaker

  7. Nicole young says:

    Eat 5 serving of fruits or veggitables a day for a week

    Nicole Young

  8. Amy Flaker says:

    meditate or take 20 minutes out of your day to just relax your mind and recharge for a month

    Amy Flaker

  9. Brennen Reisewitz says:

    Do 50 push ups and 150 crunches morning and night for a month.

  10. Neichol Smith says:

    Play a sport you’ve never played before!

    Neichol Smith

  11. Annalisa Reisewitz says:

    Eat a different cultured food everyday for a week
    Annalisa Reisewitz

  12. Nicole Ramirez says:

    Drink 8 cups of water a day forever
    Nicole Ramirez

  13. Kani says:

    Juice once a day! 😀 cleans out your system and helps you get the vegetables and those things that you need

  14. Ari says:

    Run a mile everyday! 🙂

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