DIY Hair Bow

Lately I have had an obsession with bows! So instead of spending 5 – 10$ on hair bows I decided that I could make my own out of supplies I just had lying around my house!


  • Ruler 
  • Fabric scissors
  • hot glue
  • Fabric (I used an old collared Shirt)
  • Clip

random i phone 030








First I cut a large rectangle 12″ by 5 ” Then a small one 5″ by 3″

random i phone 032









Next you fold the ends in so there is no frayed edged, you can either hot glue the ends or iron them. Then take your little rectangle and repeat.

random i phone 037


random i phone 033random i phone 038








The third step is taking each side and folding it into the middle. and Ironing or hot gluing that, but if you hot glue it use VERY little amounts!






Then, flipping it over so all the folds are facing the counter and not showing you are going to want to bunch it up/pinch the middle like so,random i phone 041

random i phone 072

Then take the little rectangle wrap it around the middle and hot glue it in the back! then glue your clip on and you’re ready to go!random i phone 044

Here are some ways to wear your new bow ❤

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