Watch me Transform

jn;kjnAuthor: Jessica Larsen

Goal: 130 lbs

Goal Date: August 14, 2013

Get inspired! 2013!

Hey Guys! I’m Jessica, and I’m going on a quest to reach my goal weight of 130lbs, by August 14, 2013! Why August 14….? Because that’s about the time I start shopping for my very last year of high school! YAAAYYY! I’m going to blog every single day, about what I ate, my workout, and my struggles and strengths! You can look at that stuff in the daily blog section! I’m also going to be posting things like, Playlists for a Kick butt work out! I might do things like Zumba, and kickboxing and do reviews on the class! I hope you follow me through this journey and learn from my experiences! I also want to learn from yours! Share with me what you want to get out of this blog, or anything you want me to try and write review! So share your story, tips, or inspirations, with me! comment below or email me at,!                       

Sincerely-Jessica ❤

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