Nail Tutorial: Glitter Mint

I have a new nail tutorial for all of you!

Items you will need:

  • Nail Polish (From left to right: Beware by Pure Ice, Whiter than Snow by Sinfulcolors, Minted by Revlon, and Stunning by Revlon)
  • Masking Tape


  1. You will need to paint your entire nail with Beware. This way you will have a glittery basecoat.
  2. After your nails have finished drying, tape your fingers in various angles. You will want to cover the area on your nail that you will NOT be painting. 1023. Use Whiter than Snow to paint the nail that is showing, when you take the tape off you should have little white triangles!

4. Again after your nails have finished drying you will tape your fingers again this time you will have to use two little pieces of tape for each finger to create a line going across the white triangle, use Minted.


  5. Once again, wait for your nails to dry then tape your fingers in various angles again. This time we will be creating triangles using Minted! 321

6. Peel the tape off and your nails are almost done! For this last step we will be using Stunning as a over coat! After your nails have dried you are set to show off your ‘stunning’ new nails! 393102

About missmeganelaine

Hey I'm Megan Elaine! I came up with the idea for this blog and got some of my friends to help me with it! I'm 16 years old from U.S.A, my favorite hobby is photography, I love fashion and beauty, some day I hope to be really successful! Please Follow our blog and don't be afraid to send in your own tips to our e-mail~
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